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The main focus of this website are the old floppy drives such as the Shugart 860 und 851, the Misubishi M2896-63 or the NEC 1165 (all 8 inch drives).

My other projects are the IBM PC/XT 5150 under DOS and CP/M-86, the Kaypro 10 and generally the data transfer between all my systems (DOS, CP/M, CP/M-86). Be it via floppy, CD or cable. Some keywords: CompatiCard, UniForm-PC, UniDOS, Kermit, Backpack, Megamate 2.8 ...

This private and non-commercial website has the purpose of my personal diary and technical documentation.
I do not use advertising, tracking or cookies on my website.

Why is this website still as structured as it was 20+ years ago? Because that is the way it should be for retro computing. Wordpress and Co. wouldn't be a problem for me, but I don't like it! You can also view this website with the old Arachne web browser on an IBM PC, XT or AT.

General or mixed items

From real life

Flexible Disk Drives (FDD)

General items


8 inch, 8"

General items

Mitsubishi M2896-63-02M

Shugart 860

5.25 inch, 5.25"



QUME 142

TEAC FD-55 Series

External diskette drives

5.25 inch, 5.25"

3.5 inch, 3.5"

Floppy Disk Controller (FDC)

General items


Hard Disk Controller (HDC)

8 bit MFM

  1. CTT Munich: IT-803 (02.08.2019 / 04.08.2019)
  2. National Computer Ltd.: NDC-5027 (04.08.2019)
  3. Western Digital: WD1002S-WX2A (Rev X1, X12)(09.03.2019 / 27.12.2019)
  4. Western Digital: WD1002S-WX2 (29.03.2019 / 12.09.2019)

IBM PC/XT Family Computers



Expansion Cards


Running CP/M programs under DOS


MicroSolutions Computer Products

Emulation of CP/M floppy disk formats




File Transfer

Word processing


Delta Products / XOR


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