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WD37C65 FDC by Scott M. Baker

Actually Spencer Owen has created with his RC2014 family all the modules you could wish for, but ... A floppy disk controller is definitely missing. Retrocomputers without a floppy drive are not retrocomputers! But I could remember that Scott M. Baker wrote a lot of articles about the RC2014. And lo and behold, he also designed two different controllers and even set them as a project directly at Osh Park. What more do you want?

The ordering process at Osh Park was very simple, then ordering the required individual components from Mouser and that was it. The soldering together took just 30 - 40 minutes. Only the controller chip wasn't easy to find. I was lucky that eBay offered several at just the right time at a good price.

WD37C65 FDC by Scott M. Baker
WD37C65 FDC by Scott M. Baker

However, I have to say that Spencer Owen's PCB layout is simply better. These PCBs are easier to solder. On the smbaker/Osk Park PCBs, the contact points on some solder holes are just too tiny, while others are way too big. But I don't want to complain.

Since I use the Bios RomWBW by Wayne Warthen, I was able to mount my 8" drive without any problems. At the moment I use v2.9.2 Pre-release 15.

In addition you need of course a corresponding EPROM "burner". I use the GALEP5. Works perfectly.

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