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(This book is highly recommended if you need information about the IBM PC/XT/AT family.)
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Floppy disk drives

Here are two essays that I can highly recommend.

Disk imaging




Here is an interesting correspondence from 2005 between Herb Johnson and Charles Guzis (Chuck(P) at VCF) regarding the software products of Sydex. Sydex has in the past distributed the products 22DISK, Teledisk, AnaDisk and 22NICE. Since 1989 it is no longer possible to purchase a registered version of 22DISK with the complete CP/M definition list. Unfortunately, the shareware versions only contain a shortened list.

Once in, always in. The list can still be found on the internet. The original list (cpmdisks.def) has a size of 85 or 87 KB! The shareware list is only 35 KB in size.
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