2nd Jun 2019. Since the page about my test systems was hopelessly outdated, here is the new edition.: My testsystems and floppy stations.

30th May 2019. MicroSolutions: Megamate 2.8 Floppy disk drive (3.5") with 2.88 MByte.

29th May 2019. My 386DX-AT with a CompatiCard IV is up and running with four floppy disk drives. A: - 8" (M2896), B: - 5.25"/360K, E: - 5.25"/1.2M, F: - 3.5"/2.88M (Megamate 2.8). The Copy II PC Option Board Deluxe is also connected between drives A: and B:.

28th May 2019. Update: Exploring the features of CompatiCard IV floppy disk controller.

26th May 2019. Hooray! The "Magic Five" are complete: Option Board Deluxe, CompatiCard I and IV, Kryoflux and Catweasel MK4 PCI.

25th May 2019. My Catweasel MK4 is up and running. Even with my 8 inch NEC FD1165. Tim Mann's software CW2DMK and DMK2CW works perfect.

23rd May 2019. Emulation of floppy disk formats: CP/M to DOS interchange

12th May 2019. Emulation of floppy disk formats: SuperCopy

11th May 2019. TEAC FD-55 Series: FD-55E

10th May 2019. Data recording - from 'Single Density' to 'High Density'

1st May 2019. HBASIC (Hercules Graphics Card): HBASIC

26th April 2019. TEAC FD-55 Series: FD-55A

24th April 2019. 8 inch floppy disks: Single sided, double sided, flippy disk

12th April 2019. TARBELL BASIC: Source code found on old 8 inch floppy disks (1978/79)

7th April 2019. MicroSolutions: UniDOS

5th April 2019. MicroSolutions: UniForm-PC

4th April 2019. The Three Musketeers: CompatiCard / UniForm / UniDOS

30th March 2019. Update: My CompatiCard PC (286 AT) / My CompatiCard works only with DOS 3.20 not with 3.30!

29th March 2019. 8 bit MFM Western Digital Controller: WD1002S-WX2

26th March 2019. Disk drive speed (RPM) How fast does my floppy spin?

23rd March 2019. An odd 5.25 inch floppy disk drive: BASF 6106 (Siemens)

9th March 2019. 8 bit MFM Western Digital Controller: WD1002S-WX2A

Furthermore I replaced the fan in the power supply for my IBM PC 5150 today. I wrestled with myself for a long time, but the old fan was so loud that I replaced it with a quiet one. What a heavenly silence now!

28th February 2019. Memory expansion card: KOUWELL KR-513A

24th February 2019. Hooray! The "Magic Four" are complete: Option Board Deluxe, CompatiCard I, Kryoflux and Catweasel MK4 PCI.

23th February 2019. CTT Munich, IT-803 / 8 bit MFM hard disk controller from Germany

21th February 2019. Links updated / Malcolm Macleod: Floppy Disk Imaging

8th February 2019. Information about the Mitsubishi M4854-342M / Jumper settings, manual

17th January 2019. TEAC FD-55F running under PC/MS-DOS? (2M-XBIOS)

16th January 2019. East meets West - DDR (GDR) DIP RAM in IBM PC (U2164D C15)

28th December 2018. How do I transfer files from a modern computer to an old computer?

27th December 2018. Memory expansion card: IBM 256KB MEMORY CARD

26th December 2018. Running CD-ROM via the parallel port

2nd December 2018. I have updated the page about my My CompatiCard PC (286 AT). Among other things I have also described the program UNIFORM in connection with the CompatiCard. Finally I "quickly" created an 8 inch system disk with MS-DOS 2.11 for the NEC APC! You won't believe it, but I can actually run some programs on my IBM compatible PC under MS-DOS 3.20!

7th November 2018. Running CP/M-86 on an IBM PC

7th November 2018. Today my new "old" Option Board Deluxe arrived. I also bought it for little money on eBay. The description said used, but while unpacking it I saw that this board has never been plugged into an ISA bus connector before. The gold contacts were absolutely flawless! A first test. The card works perfectly! The complete package consists of the option board, the original manual and the original diskette with Transcopy V5.18. I miss the words!

Quick test: The Option Board Deluxe is not compatible with the CompatiCard I. To be continued.

4th November 2018. How do I import an old Word 5.5 *.txt file into modern text processors (i.e. OpenOffice) and covert it into a *.pdf file?

31st October 2018 Short info on the fast: With my IBM 5150 board and the ROM cassette Basic I actually wrote a short basic program and was able to save it via the cassette connection on a cassette. Awesome!

20th October 2018. Part 3: My CompatiCard PC (286 AT)

17th Oktober 2018. Links updated

14th October 2018. Exploring the features of floppy disk controllers.

Suddenly there was a loud bang. The blown capacitor

6th October 2018. I bought a CompatiCard I on ebay for little money. Awesome! This card is really a versatile floppy disk controller. This controller supports 8 inch drives with the original 77 tracks under MS-DOS. No tricks are required.

10th July 2018. Kaypro: About revisions and versions of the Kaypro family.

16th June 2018. Kaypro 10: Installing a new CP/M Version (2.2H) with the help of eight reload or autoload disks. I will report in more detail soon.

A brief outline. The Don Maslin Archive lacks the 8th image disk (k10hald8.td0)! Have a look at the submit file RELOAD.SUB (USER 0: k10hald1.td0). I downloaded all 8 Teledisk images (*.td0) from: www.mrynet.com.

As far as I can tell, both 2.2H image reload versions (Don Maslin / mrynet) are the same. The second line of RELOAD.SUB says: "last modified 9-14-84 rwb".

2nd June 2018. The Kaypro 10 arrived. CP/M 2.2F, one hard disk 10 MByte and a floppy (390 KByte). Awesome!

25th May 2018. BASF 6106 / revision of the website

20th May 2018. The site retrocmp.de is now "secure": https://retrocmp.de

5th March 2018. BASF 6106 / revision of the website

3rd March 2018. www.retrocmp.de is online