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File transfer with MODEM9

Actually there is KERMIT for almost every system, but even here exceptions confirm the rule! According to my current knowledge KERMIT is not available for CP/M-86 on the IBM PC/XT. Please mail me, if I am wrong!

CP/M-86, serial configuration
CP/M-86, serial configuration

I made it. The better solution for transfering files is MODEM9 (look for package: 86COMM.ZIP). With this program a serial data exchange in both directions is possible under CP/M-86 on the IBM PC/XT, i.e. SEND and RECEIVE. TERMINAL can only RECEIVE!

The solution was actually quite simple. Since MODEM9 can only send on COM2, but I only had COM1 available, I had to switch off COM1 on my Multi I/O board and "replace" it with COM2. There were only two jumpers to change.

MODEM9.CMD is a pre-compiled CP/M-86 communications program, for use on an IBM-compatible turbo XT-class computer. Its parameters are set up as follows:

COM2, 2400 baud, 8 bits, no parity, 1 stop bit.

If you're running an XT in turbo mode (8, 10 or 12 MHz.) with your 2400 baud modem on COM2, you may use this program just as it is. If you need to change any of the parameters indicated above, make the necessary changes to the included MODEM9.A86 source code, and re-compile...using the instruc- tions outlined within the file. (see manual below)
Note: I use MODEM9 on an original IBM PC (5150) with 4,77 MHz and 9.600 BAUD and I have no problems! You can change the speed directly in MODEM9 with the command SET. But you still have to use COM2.
TERM95, receiving with XMODEM
MODEM9, changing UART settings

On the other PC side (PII, DOS 6.22) I use TERM95 from the Norton Commander package. TERM95 supports all possible protocols, including XMODEM.

TERM95, receiving with XMODEM
TERM95, receiving with XMODEM

So that you do not have to transfer each file individually, you should combine all files with LU to form an LBR package and unpack them again with DELBR after the transfer to DOS. Unfortunately there is no PKZIP under CP/M-86! You will find DOS und CP/M-86 versions of LU and DELBR on the internet.

TERMINAL, downloading a LBR archive
MODEM9, sending a LBR archive

Thus it is also possible under CP/M-86 to create a data backup without floppy disks. But KERMIT is still better!