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DISKINFO by Gaby Chaudry serves primarily to analyze floppy disks of unknown formats. If you have a bunch of unkown diskettes with unkown formats you are able to get a fast info about them with DISKINFO. The program is effective and easy to use. Must have!

This program also recognizes foreign formats such as CP/M!

Diskinfo by Gaby Chaudry
Diskinfo by Gaby Chaudry

Here is the DISKINFO.TXT and the download path to the website of Gaby.

The last entry on her news page is from 2012 but the site is still online. If you are looking for CP/M, Z80, S100, ..., Gabys website is good entry point.

Another very good program is DI (Diskinfo) - Version 4.50 - by Peter Norton. More detailed, just good. This program can only handle DOS floppy disks, no foreign formats!

Diskinfo (DI)  by Peter Norton
Diskinfo (DI) by Peter Norton