Floppy Disk Drives / PUTR



Now something very exotic. Ever heard of PUTR?

PUTR is a copyrighted but freely distributable utility for transferring files between various file systems and various media. It is named after PUTR.SAV (Peripheral Utility Transfer Routines), the utility which performs the same function under the DEC TSS/8.24 operating system for the PDP-8.

John Wilson (D Bit): http://dbit.com/putr/putr.doc

In other words. With PUTR it is possible, for example, to format a floppy disk in DEC format RX01 under DOS and copy data from DOS to this floppy disk. This works great. Of course, the meaning and purpose of this action can be discussed admirably.

You can download PUTR on John Wilsons website at dbit.com.

For the corresponding DEC images, please see: Daves Old Computers - Disk/Software Image Archive (Software Archive / System / Install disks)

ImageDisk by Dave Dunfield is able to write the RX01 format (single-sided, 77 tracks, 26 sectors, 128 bytes / sector, single density - FM). See my overview of floppy disk types: Floppy Disk Types.

Success and failure of writing these exotic formats with the PC depends very much on the PC controller. Basically, the PC controller can only deal with the MFM encoding.

I am fortunate that my motherboard has a WD37C65 Western Digital chip. This supports the FM coding (single density). Look also: Daves Old Computers - Disk/Software Image Archive (Information and Resources / Registry of mainboards/floppy controller results). I have no problems in writing the RX01 format!