Software / CP/M to DOS interchange


File exchange between DOS and CP/M.

The king is dead! Hurrah, long live the king! With the introduction of MS/PC-DOS in 1981, the slow demise of CP/M also began. In the mid-1980s, a software branch developed that dealt with the exchange of files on diskette between CP/M and DOS. In this phase of transition to DOS, many people still had countless disks and programs from the CP/M era. These had to be reusable, the results of countless working hours were stored on them.

Besides the exchange of files, the emulation of CP/M from DOS computers also played an important role.

The following are the most important companies that played a major role during this time.

  1. Sydex, USA ............. 22Disk, 22Nice
  2. Micro Solutions, USA ... UniForm-PC, UniForm, UniDOS
  3. XenoSoft, USA .......... XenoCopy-PC
  4. Generics, Germany ...... SuperCopy
  5. FBN, Australia ......... PC-Alien

With the exception of No. 3, I have all the programs (in different versions) in use.

The Babylonian confusion with the CP/M disk formats! While PC/MS-DOS has only 8 disk formats, 22Disk support 500+, SuperCopy 3.40 and PC-Alien 1.4 about 300 different CP/M disk formats! What a madness!

SuperCopy - Generics, Germany

SuperCopy 3.40
SuperCopy 3.40

PC-Alien - FBN, Australia

PC-Alien 1.4
PC-Alien 1.4

... to be continued ...