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It can't be quieter any more!

Basically I love the beautiful old MFM hard disks, but sometimes the volume can really get on your nerves. In this case I like to use the XT-CF-Lite card from Sergey Malinov as a replacement for the hard disk. What a wonderful silence!

I am using the XT-CF-Lite with the following PC configuration:

Actually it is only important that you select the ROM BIOS and I/O port address(es) correctly. I am using the default settings 0xD0000 and 0x300. These settings are compatible with both the VGA card (0xC0000) and a standard XT hard disk controller (0xC8000).

And now to the CompactFash cards. Actually you think you could take any CF card, but that's not the case! On the one hand these are the limits of the used operating system and on the other hand not every CF card is bootable!

PC/MS-DOS partition limitations

Bootable or not / fixed or removable disk?

I still have some old CF cards from about 1999. Although these are consumer cards, they are still bootable, but ... Since the middle of the 2000s the big companies have put a stop to this and developed so-called industrial cards. These were also much more expensive at that time! Not any more today.

Consumer CF cards can only be used as a removable disk, whereas Industrial CF cards are used as a fixed disk.
Original citation Transend.

So don't be surprised if one or the other CF card is not bootable. All cards can be formatted and described, you will only notice the difference at booting.

XT-CF-Lite, Sergey Malinov
XT-CF-Lite, Sergey Malinov
XT-CF-Lite, Sergey Malinov
XT-CF-Lite, Sergey Malinov
XT-CF-Lite, Sergey Malinov
My "bootable" CompactFlash Cards

How to prepare the CF card

The easiest way is to create a bootable CF card under DOS 6.22.

  1. Create a suitable Partition with FDISK and make it ACTIVE
  2. Initialize with FORMAT /S

Step 3 in particular is very important. After that every "bootable" CF card should actually be bootable.