Hardware, RC2014, IDE disk drive interface


8255 based IDE disk drive interface

If you use the compact flash module AND the IDE module at the same time on the RC2014 beware that drive C: und D: are assigned to IDE0:0 and IDE0:1 (CF-card) and drive E: and F: to PPIDE0:0 und PPIDE0:1 (hard disk)!

Of the 8 possible CF-card CP/M slices, only the first two can be used. The remaining 6 are still present but not visible and cannot be used.

I tested both, 2.5" notebook and 3.5" hard disk drives. The module works perfectly. But you have to take care of the power supply. The 3.5" hard disk needs a 12 Volt connection anyway. But also the small 2.5" hard disk needs a lot of power. I connected a second 5V connector with 1.2 Ampere to the IDE module.

IDE disk drive interface
IDE disk drive interface by Ed Brindley

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