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Polar D320 digitalic DRAM and IC tester

Seen by pure coincidence on ebay and bought for little money. The common old DRAMs can be tested: 41:64/256/1000 and 44:16/64/256. So far I have only tested type 41 DRAMs for my IBM PC, XT and expansion cards.

The LCD display is a little faint, but at the right angle it is quite readable. I do not have a manual, but the procedure for testing is self-explanatory. A RAM chip may only be inserted after the self test.

The test duration is approximately 23 seconds for a 41:64 and 47 seconds for a 41:256 DRAM.

Polar D320 digitalic DRAM and IC tester
Polar D320 digitalic DRAM and IC tester

DRAMs of type 41:16 can unfortunately not be tested, that would be too nice. This chip requires voltages of +12V and -5V. The Polar D320 has only a simple 9V battery and does not include a special DC/DC converter.

Furthermore, the Polar D320 can still test some ICs of the 74, 40 and 45 series. But I have never tried it before.