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It is generally known that an alignment diskette does not contain data in the true sense of the word, but rather very specific information (signals) to calibrate a faulty drive.

Examine an Alignment Diskette

While working with my KryoFlux a thought came to me by chance. How does the data flow of an alignment disk with the KryoFlux actually look like?

Alignment Diskette
Alignment Diskettes from DYSAN and CDC

The special information is located on tracks 1, 38 and 76 (side 0).

Dysan Alignment Diskette
Dysan Alignment Diskette

With the KryoFlux these are the tracks 00, 37 and 75.

Track 00
Dysan - Track 00 - CDC
Track 37
Dysan - Track 37 - CDC
Track 75
Dysan - Track 75 - CD

This test is not intended to be an exact science, I just want to show what the flux looks like on the respective tracks. It is also astonishing that on the CDC disk the shapes look similar. Even the tracks are the same!

All other tracks have the following appearance.

Track 75
other tracks (RAW data)

And here for comparison a normal data track of a 360 KByte DOS MFM diskette.

Track with MFM data
normal data track (MFM sector image)