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The FD-35 Series

Technical specifications

FD35 technical specifications
TEAC FD35 technical specifications
(Source: Brochure TEAC FD-35 Series)

The TEAC mini flexible disk drive series FD-35 includes in principle 4 main generations. In the first generation there are the drives A to F, like the TEAC FD-55. The „second“ generation carries the additional letter H. Whereby this only concerns the F generation.

I do not know the meaning of the "N" in "HFN"; "H" = high density; ( ) unformatted.

Unlike the later 3.5 inch drives, these still need 12V for the motor.

Specifications (S) and brochures (B)

Some drives in the FD-35 series

--> FD-35HFN: 3.5" with 5.25" case