Floppy Disk Drives / NEC FD1165-FQ / Info


Technical specifications

Formfactor 8"
Capacity 1.155 KByte / DSDD / (2 x 77 x 15 x 512 = 1.182.720 Byte)
Sides (Heads) 2
Tracks/Side 77
Sectors/Track 15
Byte/Sector 512
Height 57 mm


Interface Shugart (50 lines) (compatible with Shugart 850)
Power supply +24V / +5V

Signal lines

In contrast to the Mitsubishi M2896-63, the NEC FD1165-FQ requires the so-called „TG34/LOW CURRENT/WRITE CURRENT“ signal on line 2 (for writing). Reading is always possible"

Interface PC-34 to Shugart-50
Interface PC-34 to Shugart-50

The „Variable Frequency Oscillator“ (VFO) option does NOT work with the standard PC controller! Please set the appropriate jumper to READ DATA (RD).

Note! The NEC FD1165-FQ needs the TG43 signal on line 2 (for writing). For this reason it is best if you use the D Bit FDADAP floppy disk adapter for 8 inch drives. This adapter supports the TG43 signal (WRITE CURRENT) -> reduced write current for tracks greater then 43.

The basics for connecting an 8 inch floppy drive to a DOS PC are described here. Pictures of the NEC FD1165-FQ.


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