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An interesting locking mechanism

This BASF 6128 has the suffix "C" because this drive was made for Commodore, especially for the PC 10. For this reason this drive also has a beige front panel. The PC 10 came on the market in 1984 and was offered at a price of 4.950 DM without value added tax.

Later PC 10 computers were also equipped with an ALPS floppy disk drive, the DFC 222A. This is mentioned in a service manual from 1985.

Commodore PC 10
Commodore PC 10 / (c) https://oldcrap.org/2019/03/16/commodore-pc-10

Like many old floppy drives, the BASF 6128-C has a real HEAD LOAD mechanism.

BASF 6128-C
BASF 6106-C
BASF 6128-C
BASF 6106-C

The most noticeable thing about this drive is the locking mechanism. While almost all other drives have a so-called knob to turn, the BASF 6128 has a push button.

BASF 6128-C
BASF 6106-C

The Commodore floppy has a green label, while the original floppy has a black label and a black front panel. In the internet I only found two pitures with „black“ drives.

BASF 6128 labels
BASF 6128 labels / Same device number

Technical specifications

Formfactor 5,25"
Capacity 360 KByte / DSDD / (2 x 40 x 9 x 512 = 368.640 Byte)
Sides (Heads) 2
Tracks/Side 40
Sectors/Track 9
Byte/Sector 512
Height 42 mm

The holes for the fixing are in the lower part of the 6126 (as on the Qumetrak 142 or ALPS DFC222A). For this reason this drive may not be mountable in the normal bays. On the TEAF FD-55 the holes are higher!

The BASF „6128-C“ has no plugable terminating resistor like the TEAC FD-55 drives or others! This is strange, because the „6128“ manual mentions a pluggable resistor array „close to the connector J2“ (p. 4, 2.1 Signal Interface).

However, this may well be possible because the two PCBs are different in this area.

Jumper Settings

Note! The jumper settings of the Commodore PC 10 drive (6128-C) differ from those in the manual (6128). The BASF 6128-C has two two jumper areas, the BASF 6128 only one!

BASF 6128 Jumper
BASF 6128-C (top) / 6128 (below)
BASF 6128 Jumper
BASF 6128-C, (c) https://oldcrap.org/2019/03/16/commodore-pc-10

I use two BASF 6128-C on my IBM 5160 XT (with CompatiCard IV) as drives A: and B: with the standard twisted 34 pin cable. Both drives have the same settings: S2, HM and HA.