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A very odd drive

Beside my original BASF 6106 I have a second drive, which looks almost exactly like the 6106. However, this drive is from SIEMENS and is completely hardwired, i.e. it has not a single jumper! Absolutely nothing! Another difference is the open front flap (figure 3).

It has the designation "MD-Laufwerk", i.e. MD-drive, where MD could mean "mini disk". In the past the floppy disk drives were called as follows: 8 inch - floppy disk / 5.25 inch - mini disk / 3.5 inch - micro disk.

BASF 6106 / Figure 1
BASF 6106 (Siemens) / figure 1
BASF 6106 / Figure 2
BASF 6106 (Siemens) / figure 2
BASF 6106 / Figure 3
BASF 6106 (Siemens) / figure 3
BASF 6106 / Figure 4
BASF 6106 (Siemens) / figure 4
BASF 6106 / Figure 5
BASF 6106 (Siemens) / figure 5

In figure 5 you can see the stepper mechanism. The spiral wheel for positioning the head and the return spring.

Technical specifications

The BASF 6106 is a wonderful old floppy drive with a real HEAD LOAD. When the read head accesses, there is a really loud crack when the head loading magnet presses head onto the surface.

Basically, I can say about my BASF 6106 that my circuit board does not match 100% with those in the manuals. For example, the test point ranges TJ1 and TJ2 are missing. There are fewer test points on my board and these can be found elsewhere.

Update: 2019-03-28

By chance I found the manual of the BASF 6116/6118 in the technical manuals of my floppy disk drives and see there ... The PCB used there is almost identical to that of my two BASF 6106. This concerns in particular the so-called test points (TP).

It is possible that the boards of the later 6116/6118 were also installed in the older 6106/6108 in the final phase.

Formfactor 5,25"
Capacity 180 KByte / SSDD / (1 x 40 x 9 x 512 = 184.320 Byte)
Sides (Heads) 1
Tracks/Side 40
Sectors/Track 9
Byte/Sector 512
Height 53,5 mm (The height of a standard 5.24" drive is 41.3 mm)


Interface Ribbon cable (34-pin)
Power supply +12V / +5V
Plug 4 pin (Molex)

Jumper Settings

There are no jumpers to set and no drive selection! This floppy drive is hard wired to drive 1 (drive no. 2).

BASF 6106 / no jumper settings
BASF 6106 (Siemens) / not a single jumper

Since this drive has no jumpers, you can't connect it as easily as the original BASF 6106. The problem lies in a special feature of the BASF 6106. This drive needs the signal HEAD LOAD on line 2. I don't know this feature from any other old floppy drive. So what to do? The signal HEAD LOAD can be replaced by the signal MOTOR ENABLE (PC-34). But how to get the signal 10 or 16 from the PC-34 Interface to Signal 2 at the Shugart-34 Interface. See next figure.

BASF 6106 / no jumper settings
BASF 6106 (Siemens) / my signal bridges left to right

See the bridge from left no. 10 to right no. 2, the blue cable. I also use a similar cable bridge connection to connect my 8 inch drives with Shugart-50 interface with my PC's (PC-34).

In this picture you can see another special feature. I created the so-called twister with the signal bridges. The signals 10, 12, 14 and 16 are fed in on the right side in 16, 14, 12 and 10. Why is this necessary? Because the Siemens 6106 is hardwired to drive no. 2.

Shugart-34 Signal PC-34 Signal

Because of this special feature you cannot use this Siemens 6106 in a "normal" PC. You absolutely need the HEAD LOAD signal on line 2!

The drive as such works perfectly and is very quiet. So far I haven't been able to find out on the Internet which computer this drive was used in.