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The main focus of this website are the old floppy drives such as the Shugart 860, the Misubishi M2896-63 or the NEC 1165 (all 8 inch drives).

My other projects are the IBM PC/XT 5150 under DOS and CP/M-86, the Kaypro 10 and generally the data transfer between all my systems. Be it via floppy or cable.

As befits the retro computing, these pages are written in HTML with a little bit CSS and a fine editor named Brackets.

This website has also mainly the purpose of a technical diary or documentation.

Special note on downloads: If downloads are offered on this website, the download is always at the user's own risk. Although all downloadable files were checked with a current antivirus program and current virus signatures at the time the respective website was created, the operator does NOT guarantee the actual absence of viruses!

General or mixed items

From real life

Floppy Disk Drives (FDD)

General items

8 inch, 8"

General items

Mitsubishi M2896-63-02M

Shugart 860

5.25 inch, 5.25"

BASF 6106

BASF 6106 (Siemens)

Mitsubishi M4854-342M

QUME 142

TEAC FD55 Family

Hard Disk Controller (HDC)

8 bit MFM

  1. CTT Munich: IT-803 (23.02.2019)
  2. Western Digital: WD1002S-WX2A (09.03.2019)

Floppy Disk Controller (FDC)

General items

Microsolution - CompatiCard I

IBM PC/XT Family Computers



Expansion Cards






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